Where To Make Candles In Rochester, NY

Looking to find where you can make Candles in Rochester, NY? Always wanted to create your own custom scented candle that you can feel proud of lighting in your own home? Let me tell you about this awesome place in the Neighborhood of the Arts.

My bestfriend and I were suppose to go to Buffalo to celebrate her birthday by going to Canalside and taking a spin on their awesome ice bikes we did a few years back. Due to the freezing temperatures we decided to stay in Rochester. While planning her birthday celebration with activities to do throughout the day, I came across Scents By Design. I messaged her and asked her if that was something she would like to do. Of course this candle loving Queen said yes!

This was the first activity we did to kick of her birthday celebration! When we first arrived to Scents By Design, the vibes were defintely laid back and fun! We were greeted by a friendly face that gave us directions on how to get started! You first get a mini clip board and fill it out with your name, then off to the right there are a wall of scents to choose from. They have plenty of offerings from old books to sandalwood! While smelling the scents you can write down your favorites that you liked on your mini clipboard. Once that is completed and you feel good about the scents your picked out then you can go ahead and pick out your vessel.

The Scents I Picked Out. The Scents That Are Labeled With The Same Color Are Scents That Go Well Together

There are plenty of different vessels to pick out at different price points as well, there are ones that are hand made; to ones made with wooden wicks. Brenda and I ended up picking the same vessel, iridescent pink one with a wooden wick.

View To Outside From The Candle Bar

Afterwards we walked up to the candle bar where we sat down and a staff member greeted us and gave us a drink list. Brenda and I ended up getting cold brew coffee drinks while we were getting settled at bar! Then the staff member when over each of our scent choices and let us know which scents would work really well together. Then we each picked out our three favorite scents and added drops/squirts of each scent in this tiny vessel. I ended up going with sandalwood (of course), whipped cream and pomegranate. It was really cool because if you felt like one scent was overpowering another scent then you can always add more to compensate. Once we filled up our tiny scent containers, the staff member filled our vessels that we picked out with wax! He then brought the vessel over and told us to pour our scent into the candle and then stir it for about 30 seconds. That was it! He said we can come back in about an hour and a half to pick up our vessels but we had a few other activities planned so we came back later in the day.

Post Brenda Mixing Her Scent

Brenda and I were chatting about how cool it would have been to have a job such as this during our time in college! Were were both super jealous at how much fun of a place this would have been to work at!

Later on in the day we picked up our candles, let me tell you they both smelled super yummy! After our day out Brenda had messaged me and told me she had already lit her candle and it smells really good! I’ll end up lighting mine soon!

Finished Candle

If you are looking for a fun activity/experience with your friends or loved one in Rochester, NY! I highly recommend stopping into Scents By Design! They even host private parties/events! This is a great spot if you are looking for a unique and fun activity in Rochester, NY.