Best Smoothie Shop In Rochester NY

I am always down for trying something new and more on the healthier side. When I am out and I’m craving a smoothie, I always look to see how close a Body Fuel location is to me.

This is my favorite smoothie shop! They have plenty of options to choose from such as: smoothie bowls, juices and of course smoothies! I love the fact that they are not an MLM store front as some places serve herbalife products in their smoothies. I love this place so much that I’ve honestly tried atleast half of their menu.

Below is a list of items I’ve tried:

Pumpkin Pump: if you are looking for a pumpkin spice fix, this seasonal flavor is great for that! I always subsitue regular milk for almond milk. This comes with ice, pumpkin mix, vanilla protein, cooke buttter, pumpkin spice sauce and cinnamon. I’m not too sure how long they will have this as It’s a seasonal item.

Fitzgeralds Fourtune: if you are looking for something on the sweeter side and you are a fan of fruity cereal, I would recomend this drink. I personally don’t think I would get it again as I love some type of butter in my drink, whether it is cookie butter or a nut butter. This comes with strawberry protein, milk (I always get almond milk), bcaa amino acids and lucky charms sprinkled on top.

Fitzgeralds Fourtune

The Islander: this is more of a lighter drink, but it is so good! This comes with peanut butter, banana, chocolate coconut fiber and nutmeg. If you a looking for a snack and want to cool down, I’d recommend giving this a whirl.

Banana Batter: this was the first one I’ve ever tried and its yummy! This protein smoothie comes with: vanilla protein, soy milk (I got almond milk instead), cookie butter, almond butter, banana and coconut! Its a rich creamy banana drink, its better than banana pudding if you are a banana pudding lover!

Acai Bowl: is absolutely better than what I imagined, you will be super full too! You could honeslty split this with another person! For toppings on mine, I ordered peanut butter, granola, banana and chocolate chips. This was my first ever acai bowl and it didn’t disapoint.

Acai Bowl

Riggies P.B. Cup: this is for the peanut butter lovers out there. This comes with chocolate protein, peanut butter, milk (I always get almond milk) and cocoa. Simple smoothie, but it is aboslutely to die for!

Java Blast: for that afternoon pick me up! Especially if you forgot to bring your lunch and you are looking for caffeine. This has the perfect balance of chocolate protein, coffee, avage, cocoa and milk (I always get almond milk instead).

Blueberry Pancake: I saved the best for last, this is my absolute favorite and go to when I’m not too sure what I want! Its perfect, this smoothie comes with: vanilla protein, almond milk, cookie butter, blueberries, maple extract. Its thick and full of flavor! Its like having blueberry pie, but in a smoothie.

Protein Shake Menu

I am so happy that Body Fuel keeps expanding, they have just opened their third location in Greece. Their two other locations are in Webster and Pittsford. If you are out and about looking for a flavorful smoothie, check out Body Fuel in Rochester, NY!