Where To Get Bubble Tea In Rochester NY

The best place to get bubble tea in Rochester, NY is from Tai Chi Bubble Tea. There are currently four locations in the Rochester area, they just opened their newest location inside Eastview Mall.

Tai Chi Bubble Tea not only has bubble tea, but they have plenty of food options to choose from such as: poke bowls, sushi burritos and ramen. My husband and I usually order a poke bowls. We really love these because they are a healthy dinner option when we don’t feel like cooking dinner. I’ve tried the tomato ramen and sushi burritos in the past. But I perfer the poke bowls! Honestly all their food items are really delicious and I’ve never had a bad experience.

Bubble Tea

I think we’ve tried every tea flavor Tai Chi has, we will usually get a fruit tea over a milk tea. Although I highly recommend trying the taro milk tea, they can make it with almond milk which is a huge plus! A few of our favorite teas are: pineapple tea, strawberry tea and blueberry tea. We usually get extra pearl or a fruit flavored boba. We always order it with no sugar so it isn’t too sweet.

Tai Chi Bubble Tea is a great causal dinning spot in Rochester, NY. Whether you are looking for something new to try or need your bubble tea fix. This restaurant will have you covered!