Where To Get Pho Noodle Soup In Rochester NY

Pho is defintely one of my favorite noodle soups! Nothing is better on a cold winter day in Rochester, NY like warming up with pho. The best spot to get pho in Rochester, NY is Sea Restaurant. There are a few locations to get some of this delicious soup.

Vegetable Pho

A few years back I told my husband I wanted to give pho a try, so we went down to their Monroe Ave location. This past week I visited the Mt Hope Ave location with my friend Ra’Ven. Both locations are small and fit about 30 people. Each location is pretty casual, which I love. I enjoy going out to eat to places where I can relax, I’m not the biggest fan of spots where I need to “shop” for clothing just so I can enjoy a meal with family and fiends.

Sea Restaurant is vegetarian friendly, they do offer vegetable broth! The first time I went with my husband I ordered a vegetarian pho with vegetables, we even got shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce to share. I remember how good the food was from two years ago, I suggested to meet my friend there for dinner this past week.

Shrimp Spring Rolls With Peanut Sauce

We went to the Mt Hope location this past week, my friend ended up getting vegetable broth with vegetables. I ended up getting vegetable broth with tofu. We each ordered a pineapple smoothie! Before our food came out we enjoyed our smoothies! They weren’t too sweet, it was a perfect drink to have before our food came out. We were also given a small plate of sprouts and sauces to put on our pho.Pho time! The ratio of rice noodles, tofu and vegetable broth was perfect. This was more of a lighter soup in comparison to having vegetables in the soup.

Honestly if you are looking for a spot to have great conversation and enjoy a unique meal, check out Sea Restaurant. If you are looking for an inexpensive bite to eat in Rochester, NY, add this spot to your list.