45 Best Gifts For Hikers 2021

Have a hiker in your life? Not too sure what to get for them this 2021 holiday season? I compiled a list of the 45 best gifts for hikers! There are plenty of items to choose from and at different price points. Check out the list below!

1. Socks

I’ve learned throughout the years that socks can make or break a hiking trip! I am 100% blister prone whether it’s in hiking shoes or in sneakers. You want to opt for a sock that is higher than your ankle, especially to protect yourself from getting ticks.

For Women! Check out my post about My Favorite Hiking Socks for a more in-depth review of my experience with these!

2. Backpacks

I am going to list a variety of backpacks! Some have a little more style to them as well as function! My husband and I have always used his JanSport bag he’s had for years and it’s done an amazing job. We use it not only hiking on trails but as a personal item on flights.

JanSport Backpack, Big Plus This Bag Can Be Put In The Wash and Dryer!

I’ve been loving the look of Herschel bags lately, the contrast of the brown leather straps against the color of the bag is definitely one of the reasons why I love this bag. There are a ton of compartments for your laptop and snacks. Plus there is some padding on the back of the pack. Because this bag is so versatile you can even use this as a work bag as well.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly version of the famous Herschel bag. I’d highly recommend checking out the Doughnut Macaroon, it’s super adorable and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

One of the top trending hiking backpacks is from a Swedish hiking brand called Fjallraven, they produce hiking gear made to last that is environmentally friendly. This is a nice plus in my book, plus I am digging their aesthetic. This bag does come in many different colors and sizes as well! Check out the Fjallraven Mini Classic!

If you aren’t a backpack type of person, I’d recommend this crossbody backpack. There are plenty of storage options and all you have to do is swing the bag around if you want to access your items, or simply take the bag off. There is a wide selection of colors and designs to pick from too.

For those who like to bring a cold lunch or want to keep drinks cool, check out this lunch backpack. It can hold about 10 soda cans. It’s waterproof too and can hold plenty of yummy snacks as well as things such as keys and a jacket! It comes with a USB charging port, so you can charge your cellphone while on the trail.

3. Jackets

You honestly cannot have enough jackets, especially living in Upstate NY where the weather tends to change alot. I’ll be highlighting some of the best jackets for hikers, from lightweight to heavy-duty!

If your loved one is looking for a nice rain jacket or something to wear on chillier days, check out Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket. They do come in plus sizes all the way up to a Women’s 3X.

Shacket, aka shirt jackets, are trending right now! I mean who doesn’t love a nice flannel jacket on long hikes! I am really loving the Legendary Whitetails Men’s Shacket. This jacket includes big and tall sizes and does go up to 5x. This is thicker than your typical shacket as this has a thick lining to it for those colder hikes!

Or if you are looking for one without a hood, they do have another option as well!

Here is another Men’s hooded shacket, this is a great option for those who aren’t into plaid or want something more monochromatic. These hooded shackets come in three different colors and are available up to 3x.

Here are the Women’s Legendary Whitetails Cozy Shacket. The jackets are available up to 3x. This is a great jacket to put on while walking the dog in the woods or if you need to run out and get the mail.

If your loved one is in need of a Jacket! Check out this Columbia fleeced lined jacket. I’d go up one size from what they normally wear, this way they can wear layers underneath this jacket. I love the length of this jacket, that it goes past the hips and the fleece lining is in the hood as well. This is available in up to a Women’s 3x.

I had to add this button-up jacket to the list. This jacket comes in nine colors and would be perfect for layering under a winter coat. I have been digging a darker tone of green lately.

Some men prefer longer jackets to keep their bodies warm! I found this cool hoodied parka jacket from Eddie Bauer, it comes in four colors and can be ordered up to a 2x. Tall sizes are available too. For warmer hikes the hood is detachable.

4. Hoodies and Long Sleeve Shirts

I am a sucker for cozy long-sleeve sweatshirts! These are great layering options for colder hikes, or just to lounge around the house. My favorite sweatshirts are usually crew necks as they are easier to layer up than hoodies.

You cannot go wrong with a solid color crewneck sweater! I love the variety of color selection Hanes has, plus it’s pretty affordable so you can get a variety of colors for your favorite hiker!

Here is the Men’s version below!

If you are looking for a thicker cozier crewneck sweatshirt. This one comes in more neutral colors and is sherpa lined. Honestly, this would be fine for all hikers. For a looser fit just order a size up.

I love a cozy 1/4 zip-up sweatshirt. It’s another one of my favorite pieces of clothing I can layer up! Check out the Columbia Fire Side Sherpa! The can be ordered up to a women’s 3x. Columbia tends to run small I’d recommend ordering a size up.

Sherpa is 100% in and it’s definitely cozy! I have a wide selection of sherpa essentials in my closet! I love a zip-up sherpa hoodie. This cozy one comes in 11 colors to pick from.

Flannels will always be a staple in any wardrobe. I found these handsomely colored Men’s flannel shirts! There are 28 colors and patterns to choose from. There are even solid colors. Big and tall sizes are available and they go up to 5x.

I love, this Women’s Patagonia dupe! It’s less than half the cost of a Patagonia quilted pullover. Plus, it comes in over 40 colors to choose from and different quilted designs. It can be layered up with a vest for some extra warmth.

6. Vests

I’ve honestly never been one to wear vests until this year, they are like a cozy blanket that is socially acceptable to wear. I know an odd description right? For someone who runs pretty cold when the weather changes, I’ve decided to give vests a try. I like that I get the comfort of wearing a jacket but I won’t overheat because there are no sleeves. Plus, at times wearing a jacket can be uncomfortable

I came across the Fuinloth Women’s Quilted Vest, because of how lightweight it is. Some vests are pretty puffy and this is a great option if you are looking for one that isn’t too big. Plus it has pockets if you like to carry around chapstick!

2021 is the year of the vest. I think people are starting to realize how comfortable these are, and by people I mean myself. Check out this Men’s Eddie Bauer Down Vest, this would be great for those bone-chilling cold days. Plus it rolls up nice for travel as well!

If your hiker likes cozier things, check out this zip-up sherpa fleece vest. It comes in a variety of 21 colors and designs. Sherpa is my go-to as feel like I’m walking around with a fashionable blanket.

5. Pants

Warm pants are essential, especially during those long winter hikes. At first, your legs may feel fine, but I am sure towards the end of a winter hike they’ll feel cold. The legs tend to be neglected in terms of trying to keep your body warm during long hikes.

I’ve ordered Men’s sweatpants for myself, honestly, they are comfy. These Sherpa-lined joggers would be perfect for a long outdoor hike, especially on a windy day.

For snowy hikes, snow pants are a must. If you order a size up they are pretty comfortable and you can layer say a pair of thermals underneath or jeans. These Men’s waterproof snow pants come in a few colors and go up to a 2x in size.

Here are the Women’s Columbia Waterproof Snow Pants these do go up to a 3x in size and have plenty of colors to pick from.

Check out these lightweight Women’s cargo joggers. They are quick-drying and they have sizes up to 3x. These pants also provide UV protection and have plenty of pockets!

6. Accessories

From 40 colors to choose from! You cannot go wrong with the famous Carhartt beanie, they will not only keep you warm but fashionable as well.

For hiking out in the cold, I’d recommend mittens over gloves. My hands will always be super hot in comparison to wearing gloves. It’s because my fingers are right up next to one another creating warmth instead of being separated. I found these awesome waterproof mittens for Men. They do come in large sizes for those with big hands.

Ladies who love slouchy knit hats, this one is absolutely cute. It comes with a detachable pompom if you want to change up your look! This would make a great stocking stuffer or as part of a gift basket.

Mittens for the ladies! These waterproof mittens come in four different colors. Once you get a pair of mittens you honestly won’t go back. There have been times on the trail I’ve had to take mine off because my hands were so hot! All in all a happy problem!

Loop scarves make great hiking accessories as they are lightweight, but they will keep you warm. When you get too warm it’s easy to stuff in your backpack.

7. Extras

Here are some extras that your favorite hiker in your life would absolutely appreciate! Some of these gift ideas will enhance their hiking experience.

During a longer hike, I like to take a break and have a snack or lunch. During a snowier hike, this vacuum bottle will keep your hot cocoa or coffee warm for hours on end.

You cannot have enough thermals, I cannot stress this enough. My husband and I have a decent amount of thermals ready to go for those colder hikes. It makes an absolute difference and we are able to hike longer when we do have them on.

I found these fleece-lined Women’s thermals and they have sizes up to 3x. These are moisture wicking which is great if you get hot easily!

Below are the Men’s fleece-lined thermals. They offer sizes up to 4x.

For longer hikes, especially on more difficult terrain; I’d highly recommend investing in some hiking poles. I found some that are adjustable for individuals from 3’6 to 6’4. The different types of tips help hikers from pavement to mud. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, keep these in your pack.

Always bring water for your dog if you bring them on hikes, even if it’s a small one. They will be thirsty babies! Its a portable dog water bowl! All you have to do is squeeze the bottle and the water is delivered to the bowl area, no need to fuss around with bringing a bowl.

For those who don’t like to wear backpacks and would prefer a fanny pack! Check out this one, there are plenty of storage compartments and can hold a water bottle. There are two separate zipper pockets to keep yourself organized while on the trail!

A lightweight folding chair is a must for hikes that last a few days. This folding chair weighs 1.1 pounds and can hold up to 265 pounds. When it is folded up, it is smaller than a water bottle. This is a pretty inexpensive compact camping chair. If the hiker in your life goes on long hiking trips, I’d highly recommend getting this for them.

For days that are sunny, extra sun protection is definitely needed. My husband comes from a family who are more fair-skinned than myself. Throughout the years I’ve taken protecting myself from the sun more seriously. I’ll wear a sunhat to protect myself from too much sun exposure. Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with this hat.

For a less bulky fanny pack option check out the Herschel Fourteen, it comes in 18 different colors and designs. This is a great pack for smaller hikes and you just need to bring your keys and wallet.

Having a portable power bank on the trail is an absolute must. One that is solar powered is preferred especially for hikes that are longer than a day. For safety reasons, having a solar-powered one is great for those just in case moments if you are lost and you need to charge your phone.

Thank you for checking out my list of 45 best gifts for hikers 2021, whether you are shopping for a loved one or for yourself this holiday season. I hope for safe travels on the trail!

Just so you are aware, I may collect a share of sales or compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.