The Best Brunch Spot On Park Ave In Rochester, NY

There are plenty of spots to have a nice brunch on Park Ave to pick from. There is one that definitely stands out among those, that is The Frog Pond located at 652 Park Ave Rochester, NY.

I am an absolute sucker for all things breakfast food, I could have it for every meal. When my friend said you have to try the Frog Pond out, it is absolutely delicious. We then decided to make our next outing visiting this brunch spot.

When we entered this place it was pretty packed, and honestly, after our meal, I could see why. The building was originally a barbershop, then it was turned into the former Charlie’s Frog Pond. Because the building is smaller it does have a nice cozier feel to it and it’s a nice spot for a morning brunch date.

Benedict Selection

I have always had a love for benedicts, The Frog Pond has 7 to choose from. I ended up ordering the Lox benedict. Which came with smoked salmon lox, this was my first time ever having lox and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. The waitress said that it almost tastes like ham. She was absolutely right, it was really good and I would order it again.

Lox Benedict

Zucchni Bread Is A Must

If you do not order the zucchini bread with pineapple cream cheese, shame on you. I’m only kidding! If someone told me they wanted to go to The Frog Pond to only get their zucchini bread, I would be down to go! That is one of my most favorite things to order from there, they give you enough bread and cream cheese to split with another person.

I am such a breakfast food lover that I didn’t even bother looking at the lunch food selection. They do offer sandwiches, wraps, salads, and burgers for those who aren’t looking to have breakfast food. If you are roaming around the Park Ave area in Rochester and you are hungry, stop on into The Frog Pond for some brunch and try the zucchini bread!