Ice Bike Rental Buffalo NY

Ice bikes are a great option for those who want to get out on the ice at Canalside. Ice Bikes of Buffalo, which is a divison of Water Bikes of Buffalo. Not only can you rent the bikes, they offer them for sale.

For my bestfriends birthday we decided to go to Buffalo to celebrate! We decide to kick things off by driving to canalside and renting ice bikes. This was absolutely perfect because she hasn’t ice skated in a really long time, and this provided a more stable experience on the ice for both of us. The bikes are quick be aware of skaters on the ice, especially little ones who are just learning.

My Bestfriend and I

The ice bikes are a great combination of bike riding and skating on the ice. You are able to steer and peddle like you would with a regular bike, to brake just pedal backwards.

If you are looking for a unique winter experience in Buffalo, NY, check out Ice Bikes of Buffalo at Canalside. I promise you will have a great time, and it will enable those who aren’t comfortable ice skating an opportunity to get on the ice.