Breakfast At Gessner Inside The Grand Hyatt Vail

When my Husband and I stayed at The Grand Hyatt Vail, we had breakfast a few times at Gessner. The restaurant is located just a few steps outside of the main lobby area, and offers outdoor seating options to take in the views of the mountains.

Typically, we just eat egg whites in the morning for breakfast. But, we opted in for some awesome avocado toast. The toast was topped with: avocado, eggwhites, radish and cliantro. It was pretty heavy with all the toppings, a fork and knife was needed! I was surprised to see radish and cliantro on the dish, but it defintely help to round it out and add some flavor.

To my surprise the drip coffee at Gessner was better than the coffee that I ordered at The Market, which is located inside the Hyatt. Their coffee is local from Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Company, there was plenty of flavor and enough caffeine!

Usually hotel breakfasts aren’t fresh and its hard to find healthy options, we were happy with the breakfast offerings at Gessner. If your staying at the Grand Hyatt Vail and you are looking for a nice meal to start your day; walk on down to the lobby area and grab a bite at Gessner