The Best Breakfast Spot In Webster NY

If you are looking for a unique breakfast experience, with great food and breakfast options. Pop on into The Waffle Factory, it is absolutely the best breakfast spot in Webster, NY.

Just located right in the village of Webster, this place can become pretty packed on a Saturday morning. The Waffle Factory specifically focuses on beautiful Belgian-style waffles, meaning that they are thicker and have more flavor than a traditional waffle. Their menu contains a variety of items such as: coffee, acai bowls, and of course waffles. On selected days they do serve fluffy moon cakes and brioche french toast. Oh and before I forget to mention, get a glass of their fresh cold pressed orange juice, its absolutely delicious.

The Crab Cake Benny

Because the Factory is in a smaller spot this place does get pretty packed fairly quickly. When you walk-in there is a smaller sun room area where you can sit and enjoy some sunshine; in the winter months this can become pretty cold as there are customers coming in and out. Once you walk past the sunroom into where you can order, there is a large menu displayed on the wall showing you waffle options and what it includes. When you are ready to order, you can walk up to the register and then they will give you a number. What I like is that you are able to pick where you would like to sit and they will find you and bring your food to you. No need to wait for a server to come back to your table and ask if you are ready to order.

I love love benedicts! I ended up getting a crab cake benny with my bestfriend and she ordered the triple berry with a side of bacon. The portion sizes are absolutely perfect, not ginormous at all! Sometimes when I get breakfast out, I end up with an upset stomach due to how heavy and/or how sweet it is. This didn’t do that to me at all. I’ve actually gone here a few times and another favorite of mine is the apple pie. It comes with warm cinnamon apples, apple crisp and sweet cream. When I ordered this; I was a little concerned with how sweet this maybe, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The Triple Berry

If you are looking for a fun breakfast spot in Webster NY or a cozy date night spot. Take a drive by the lake and then stop into The Waffle Factory and enjoy a warm Belgian waffle with all of your favorite toppings.