Cat Café Denver Colorado

We have a few days left here in Denver and we’ll be home soon. Michael mentioned going to a cat café in Denver. Here is where we found Denver Cat Company.

We saved our typical morning coffee and had it at the café, while hanging out with some purr babies. When we walked in this place was fairly busy, I can see why! There were about 8-10 cats and kittens throughout the shop. Some where playing with other patrons and others were soaking up the sun that was beaming through the front window. There are three areas for customers and cats to interact with one another in the shop. All of the cats in the shop were adoptable, I’m a huge supporter of interacting with an animal before adopting it to see if you and the animal are a good fit.

This little kitten was one of many that was soaking up some vitamin D! There were plenty of toys around the shop the cats seemed to enjoy playing with. Whether it was squishy toys or feather wands.

There was some fun cat related art for sale as well as cat toys and merchandise. This was a big enough space where if you’d like to host a private birthday party, I’m sure you could.

What a great way to start your morning in Denver with some coffee and cats! When on trips I start missing my little cat Cyndi, this was a great way to love on some kitties while on vacation. I was able to pick up a few of the kittens and hold them. I wouldn’t advise doing it unless the cat or kitten felt comfortable, you just can’t force a cat to cuddle. My husband enjoyed petting some of the cats with me and I’m glad he brought up going to a cat café

If your in Denver Colorado and your looking for a unique activity, stop on into Denver Cat Company! It’s a fun way to start your trip in Denver, especially if your an animal lover.