My Favorite Hiking Socks

It wasn’t until this year I’ve really started to look and invest in some hiking socks. I was looking for an affordable option when I came across these fun thick socks.

These are called Feideer Outdoor Women’s Hiking Socks, I loved these so much for walking the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville that I order a second set of these for local hikes or longer walks in my area. They are thick and have plenty of support and they are moisture wicking, which is great if you tend to have sweaty feet during longer hikes. I haven’t tried these out in my winter boots just yet, but I do plan on using these during long winter walks due to how thick and comfortable the socks are.

My friends who are blister prone such as myself! These socks help prevent blisters due to how thick they are! They end right between my ankle and calf, they are low enough that I don’t need to fold them over. I tend to wear a size 6-7 and the mediums fit me perfectly, there is plenty of stretch to them and they hug my feet nicely.

They hold up really well in the washer and dryer I never felt like they thinned out or had any pilling after wear and going through the wash. I washed them on hot like I would normally do and dried them on the regular dry cycle.

I most likely will continue to buy these socks in the future I’ve tried a pair from REI and I don’t like them as much as these hiking socks.